Product Description

Our TSFLs are ideal for optical precision measurements, distributed fiber-optic sensing, coherent optical communications, microwave frequency mixing and seeding laser sources for high power amplifiers, etc.​

All of our lasers can be customized to meet various requirements of different clients

Product Data

Key Features

  • High Stability & Reliability

  • Narrow line width

  • High Polarization-Maintained Output

  • Excellent Immunity to Environmental Vibration

  • Broad Tuning Range of Wavelength

  • Compact Multi-Channel Integration

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Light Weight & Small Size

  • Applications

  • Scientific Research

  • Precision Optical Measurements

  • Coherent Optical Communications

  • Microwave frequency Synthesis

  • Lidar & Ladar

  • Land & Underwater Acoustic Wave Monitoring

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