Wavepower IL345

Product Description

Wavepower IL345 easily measures the average signal intensity through an optical fiber via tapped light channeled into a photodiode, without interrupting traffic. Ideal for both laboratory and field applications with its concise function keys for quick, high accuracy testing.
Provides the accurate testing of single mode optical fiber systems using its dual-way power system. Optical power measurements can be displayed in both logarithmic (dBm) mode, for absolute power, and relative power mode (dB) for relative loss measurements

Product Data

Key Features

  • Test Wavelength: 1310, 1490, 1550nm

  • Data Storage Function

  • Auto Shut Off Function

  • LCD Display

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Applications

  • ATM-PON Monitor

  • Ethernet-PON Monitor

  • Hybrid-PON Monitor

  • Fiber Attenuation Testing

  • Power Level Monitoring​

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