ASE Broadband Light Source

Broadband Light Source

Product Description

ASE BLS produces a broadband output spectrum of amplified spontaneous emissions ranging from 1526nm to 1610nm.

It is constructed from a single Er-doped fluoride fiber optically pumped by a single laser diode. These units exhibit excellent wavelength and power stability.

Additionally, our ASE BLS incorporates an integrated temperature control system for increased wavelength and power stability.

Product Data

Key Features

  • Thermoelectric Temperature Stabilization

  • High Output Power

  • Large Spectrum Range

  • Adjustable Temperature Set Point

  • Adjustable Power

  • Applications

  • Component Characterization

  • EDFA – Erbium doped fiber amplifier

  • Return Loss Measurement

  • Wavelength Dependent Loss Measurement

  • Optical Sensing

  • Optical Tomography

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