WARE Photonics is an International company focused on Commercial Optical Technology

Drawing on our relationships with the industry’s most successful companies, we have the resources to provide new test & measurement equipment, supercontinuum sources and semiconductor lasers to meet your objectives.

Our service will provide your management and technology team the expected support critical to your marketing success.

Our prime objectives are to identify, locate, develop, service and test the latest technical advances that will contribute to your company’s growth and profits.

Our Creative Thinking can mesh with your Corporate Objectives

About our team

WARE Photonics has for over 25 years, given new direction to many profitable Telecom, Fiber Optics and Laser Industries.

  • Excellent group of administrative and financial advisors from top academic institutes.

  • Top technical & support team members with over 15 years of experience with fiber optic and laser equipment.

Contact info

3500 West Olive Avenue, Suite 300
Burbank CA, 91505
Office: 818 874-9325
Fax: 818 984-5607

Our industries

Laser Research & Spectral Imaging

  • Biological tissue imaging

  • Supercontinuum sources

  • Optical coherence tomography

Optical Test Equipment

  • Field testing equipment

  • Amplfiers & light sources