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The future of our industry is being created in the minds and actions of people who want to change things – people who want to do things better through improved and smarter technology.

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Company specialties

Supercontinuum Laser Sources

We offer a full range of SC Laser sources at competitive prices. The SC Source is widely used in biology, detection, testing and communication. TCSPC, Fluorescence Imaging & Spectroscopy, FLIM, OCT, and Nanophotonics are just some of the typical applications.

Optical Test and Measurement

We offer a wide variety of optical test and measurement equipment. From handheld test gear to bench top products we have the equipment that you need.


Tunable Single Frequency Lasers are also in our portfolio. Used in applications like Distributed Temperature Sensing for Oil and Gas, Distributed vibration sensing, security and Lidar we offer products where stability and ease of use are crucial.

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Canalaser Technologies

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Tunable Single-Frequency Laser

Our tunable single-frequency lasers are expertly developed and thoroughly tested.

CWDM Power Meter Demo

See the video demonstration of PPI’s new CWDM Power Meter !

Supercontinuum Sources

Check out the latest in high-powered laser technology with our SC sources from YSL.